The Great Disruption by Paul Gilding – book discussion

Come join fellow kindred spirits who are concerned about the state of our climate for a discussion that includes a spiritual perspective.

We’ll discuss the science, as well as the ramifications in our lives and what we can do to prepare and to adapt to the disruption from the growing climate destabilization.

Held at the Oasis Café, 200 N Greensboro St, Carrboro, NC

  • Tuesday, May 31, 3:30-5:00pm
    • Discuss chapters, 1-5, pages 1-75
  • Tuesday, June 14, 3:30-5:00pm
    • Discuss chapters 6-10, pages 76-142
  • Tuesday, July 5, 3:00-4:30pm
    • Discuss chapters 11-15, pages 143-202
  • Tuesday, July 19, 3:00-4:30pm
    • Discuss chapters 16-20, pages 203-263

You could also watch Paul Gilding’s Ted Talk:

See flier for more information.