We are living in an extraordinary moment in our history … when the old is dying
and the new is being birthed … but has not yet arrived — because we are creating it!
We have a once-in-a civilization opportunity to help shape what comes next,
to help usher in the higher consciousness
of our Emerging Future!
It’s what some spiritual teachers are calling the Great Transition
or what Joanna Macy calls the Great Turning …
toward a more conscious and life-affirming culture.  
We’ll delve into our yoga practices to bring forth the best within ourselves,
so we can contribute to this transformation.
We’ll contemplate the sacredness
of this time of transition and call forth our Inner Heroine.
With laughter, connection, compassion, courage, and camaraderie we’ll be inspired
by the other spirited women in the group.
This mini-retreat will leave you energized, inspired,
and centered. 
We’ll explore a wide range of yoga poses, breathing practices and meditation, as well as tap into our intuition, wisdom and inner guidance …
listening to the Emerging Future calling us forward …

See the flier above for complete information and registration.