Cutting Edge Research – Bruce Lipton

Cutting Edge Research – Bruce Lipton

Just in case you’ve been curious about the new field of epigenetics or wondered how the newest science in genetics and biology interfaces with real life, here is a great lecture for you!

It’s by Bruce Lipton, cutting edge researcher in the field of biology and genetics and author of The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution, and The Honeymoon Effect.  It’s posted on the Beyond Awakening Series website. You have to register, which is free, and then all the lectures posted there are also free.  Here’s the link:

Bruce makes the information very accessible… so if you have not had an opportunity to read about this new field and how it overlaps with what we study in yoga this is a great opportunity to get up to date information.Bruce also shares the fascinating story of how he developed these ideas and what it was like to be so far ahead of the times in what was accepted in medicine.

Here are some of the highlights for me:

at 22 min:  Your biology is influenced by your interpretation of events, not by the events themselves

at 31 min: What influences the sub conscious mind which controls our behavior

at 52 min:  Beliefs and thoughts are not just contained in your head!  This is the science behind the statement, “You become the company you keep, so keep good company!”

at 56 min:  The power of the collective

at 1 hr, 14 min:  Cancer, genes, and beliefs

at 1 hr, 18 min:  Parkinson Disease and placebo research

at 1 hr, 26 min:  How to change the subconscious mind

This is exciting information and a very empowering message!