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    What it Means to Be a Spiritual Hero

                “With all the overwhelming challenges we face today,

    from global terrorism to economic crisis to climate change, it’s all too easy to sit back,

    observe the problems, and fall into a state of despair or cynicism.

    But it takes real spiritual courage

    to step forward and begin to take responsibility for where we’re all going.

    I believe that more and more of us have to be willing, in all our imperfection, to embrace leadership roles

    and become true exemplars of what’s possible.

    We have to be willing to heroically stand for the reality of Spirit in a disbelieving world.

    The reason this is important is that when we awaken to that truth,

    we see much more deeply into the nature of reality itself,

    and we discover a fearless courage to live this life for the highest reasons.

    I think the degree to which each and every one of us is willing to do that

    is the degree to which we’re actually going to make a significant difference in the world.”

    —Andrew Cohen