A Spiritual Heroine

I love that Yoga challenges us to take our consciousness practices off the mat and into daily life.  If we both pause and listen to The Call of The Times, we can respond with a contribution for the Good of all.  Clearly we are going through a time of major economic, social, environmental, and political upheaval.  The good news is that there are some very bright lights to guide us through this process.   

One of them is Barbara Marx Hubbard, a futurist, author and workshop leader.  She is a brilliant and resilient spiritual heroine of mine.  Barbara has just published a new website: JOB ONE FOR HUMANITY, which includes a Petition to Declare a Global Warming State of Emergency.

  • I’ve signed the petition and hope you’ll join me! 
  • Clearly to End Global Warming is our number one priority.  If we don’t tackle that successfully – and soon – we risk leaving an uninhabitable Earth for our children and grandchildren.  

Her new website is filled with clear and succinct information, an Ebook you can download, and also a current summary of the climate situation.  There are also options to receive regular updates on the latest climate science plus great ideas for action for yourself and your community. 

  • One of the best antidotes to fear and anxiety is purposeful action. Check the website for great ideas!  

In addition 350.org, one of the major organizations fighting for a livable earth, is sponsoring a worldwide 2-week program starting May 3 to keep coal, oil, and gas in the ground.

  • There will be several major peaceful demonstrations around the world.  If you cannot attend in person there’s the option to watch the events online and still support the effort to break free of fossil fuel.  

As Paul Gilding said in his book, The Great Disruption:

“Getting through to the good side of this crisis 

is going to require us all to engage …   

This crisis presents 

what may be a 

‘once in a civilization’ opportunity 

for a step change in human evolution, 

but one driven consciously rather than biologically.”