Exciting New Wave Rising Up …

There is a powerful groundswell of energy rising up to address our climate crisis! We have an (undeclared) climate emergency and young people, even children, are recognizing this fact. They see that unresolved climate issues could wreak havoc on their futures. The newest, youngest, and most powerful voice on the global stage demanding the world address a changing climate is Greta Thunberg, a 15- year-old Swedish student.
Greta decided to create ‘Strike 4 Climate Action’ to protest the inaction of leaders to address our climate crisis, and get her voice heard. After several weeks of a full-time strike from school, she now attends school for four days and goes on strike every Friday, sitting in front of the Swedish Parliament building, until Sweden adopts policies that bring them in line with the Paris Accord.   Thousands of students from around the world have joined her in this protest.
Greta addressed the COP 24 UN Climate meeting in Poland last week. Here are the powerful and inspiring 4 minutes of her closing remarks. Amazing! Literally speaking truth to power… I’ve never seen such a clear example of that before!
And her 10-minute Ted talk about the necessity of changing the rules to address our climate crisis.
Greta speaks clearly about the need for civil disobedience. She urges all of us to act … take action, she says, then hope comes. But action first!
There are other groups spontaneously forming as well. They are speaking up and speaking out for action on our climate emergency. Extinction Rebellion, is an international movement using nonviolent resistance to minimize species extinction and avert climate breakdown. Sunrise is “building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process”. They are demanding a Green New Deal to adequately address our climate emergency.
How can we support these young people fighting for their future? How can we support young people whose future is on the line, but they don’t know it yet? How will we choose to engage in this crisis? To participate in the most important issue of our time? What’s happening on our earth that moves your heart (maybe even breaks your heart) and motivates you to act?
We cannot leave it to the “climate professionals”! All of us need to take a stand and raise our voices for a livable future.
You can find out more up-to-the minute details about US climate issues and actions by watching the National Geographic film, Paris to Pittsburg, which just aired Dec. 12.  It’s now available free for one week (Dec. 13-20)  at the National Geographic website or You-Tube Channel.