Betsey’s Handstand DVD is now available!  

HANDSTAND: from Baby Steps to Breakthroughs   

Everyone who has practiced yoga for awhile has been intrigued by more seasoned practitioners who, with seeming ease, glide up into handstand. Many students are stopped from trying by their fear, while others struggle to figure out the dynamics of kicking up at the wall. In this DVD, Betsey leads you through a brilliant sequence of small steps using clear and effective alignment cues that will strengthen your upper body for greater confidence and de-construct the mysteries of this pose! You learn techniques to kick up successfully, balance from the wall, balance without touching the wall, press up from Standing Splits, and press up from Wide Legs Forward Bend.

These techniques help students transcend their fear and challenge common misconceptions about the dynamics of the pose. The clarity and insight of Betsey’s instructions move your Handstand to the next level: toward kicking up with greater ease and maintaining the pose with poise.

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